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Women Power in Art

Women leaders in Art Market

You better be lucky than smart, but you rather be both – this is one of the advices that I heart during the talk panel which was organized by Sotheby’s Institute of Arts “Women Leaders in Art Market” with participation of Amy Cappellazzo, Marianne Boesky, Elizabeth Dee, Touria El Glaoui and Christine Kuan as animator. They represented Women Power in Art that September evening.

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Toiletpaper at Galerie Lafayette

Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette    Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette

Finally, the summer and the sun are back in Paris, just after the opening of Toiletpaper at la Galerie des Galeries, exhibition space at Galerie Lafayette. So if you happen to be shopping in this famous department store, which is known to be almost the symbol of Paris, do not forget to look at vitrines outside and also check-out the 1st floor dedicated space.

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Daniel Buren & JR artist

Daniel Buren Fondation Louis Vuitton       JR artist pyramide du Louvre

What could possibly be in common between Daniel Buren & JR artist aside that they are both French? Daniel Buren is a well-established and having had a fabulous career 78 years old artist. While JR artist is 33, he comes from street art, his art is very trendy and his career is picking up like crazy (during his last year opening at Perrotin it was impossible to get into the gallery). Well, the common point is that they both decorated a famous art related building in Paris. Buren enlightened Foundation Louis Vuitton and JR artist took care of Pyramid of Louvre.

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