Katharina Grosse at Gagosian


Katharina Grosse Gagosian

Katharina Grosse Gagosian  Katharina Grosse Gagosian

Katharina Grosse is a German artist, who has her first exhibition in New-York which just opened in Chelsea based Gagosian gallery.

Finally I managed to get into the Gagosian gallery in Chelsea, because up to now each time I came to check it out – it was closed for preparation of a new show. First of all – it is a stunning place- in terms of place for works of art. Secondly it was very well presented Katharina Grosse new exhibitions – a good mixture of toxic colors on large scale canvases.

I would only agree that color can bring strong emotions and in this case -red, blue, yellow, violet, yellow – all of them had a strong impact. I participated the day before the show opened to the artist’s talk in Institut of Goethe and Katharina explained that this work was inspired by violence. And if you look into the shape you notice that it resembles knifes ready to cut.

And there was also one sculpture – as if the painting got alive for several minutes, got off the walls in 3D, but then got frozen. Pretty scary and several meters long monster. Does all this violence has to do with what we read in news nowadays?

I live in NY city for 6 months soon and I wonder how politics will influence the art world and what we see in galleries and biennales? If art gets politicized will it be the case for also blue chip commercial galleries? We will start seeing very soon – we got Armory and Whitney biennale in March in NYC.



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