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  Anselme Kiefer      Anselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Bôse Blumen      Anselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Pour Paul Celan: Epis de la nuitAnselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Pour Paul Celan: Epis de la nuit

Centre Pompidou presents the best winter 2016 exhibition to see in Paris: retrospective of German artist Anselm Kiefer.

I believe the exhibition is the best for 2 reasons. One is that because Anselm Kiefer really makes you think and revaluate on a deep unconscious level the role of collective and personal memory on our life. The second is that throughout his works over the period from 1969 until 2015 slips a bunch of secrets, mysteries and symbols.

Just to give you some examples of works that I liked. The man lays in shavasana in sunflower fields, inviting us to give rest to flesh and mind and to give it away to sun and nature energy.

An enormous beautiful painting of flowers wall long, painted over 15 years period, so with tones of layers of acrylic and oil. The artist confessed in the video, you can watch it in hallway;  that he never knows or plans on steps how the painting will be brought into existence. This might leave some room for improvisation and slightly elongate the time to create it. Anselm Kiefer draws from works of Van Gogh, Rimbaud and Baudelaire, suggesting flowers as source of constant regeneration.

Nearby another wall long painting, with darker colors and meanings. The world is presented in ash colors, in form of burnt books and through prolific and gloomy citations of poets.

The last art work I would like to highlight is an abandoned, ruined and dusty typewriter, placed in a display cabinet. The artist makes an allusion to a missing letter from the original divine alphabet. If the letter comes back – all misfortunes and tragedies will go away. So I may hope also that this letter will return to its place very soon.

Anselme Kiefer exhibition in Paris


From December 18th 2015 until April 18th 2016



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  1. Thank you for this introduction. I will certainly visit this exhibition. I had only Kiefer’s big installations in mind and wasn’t aware that he does this kind of work too. Personnally, I feel as if there was a kind of monster made of dust on the tape writer, looking at me, which makes me feel unconfortable.

    1. Thank you, Annette. A little hint to avoid lines – there is an entry to the restaurant on the left of the main entry 🙂
      I use it sometime, so it might save more time to enjoy the exhibition!

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