Carolina Ponte happiness for Easter


Carolina Ponte Mdm gallery Carolina Ponte Mdm gallery

This exhibition by Brazilian artist Carolina Ponte in MDM Gallery is perfect for calendar Spring, for Spring hour change and of course for luminous catholic Easter.

Let me also call this exhibition happiness therapy, the triumphal arch of color or totem of the wellbeing – all needed for Spring 2016. Carolina Ponte managed to collect forms and patterns from all over the world (Italy, Japan, Iran, Brazil …) and bring it all together in one piece. If you look well – there are no patterns which repeat themselves.

Carolina also created a tapestry masterpiece using hooking technic of her grandmother. I can see elephant’s eyes and its trunk drinking water. Elephant is a symbol of superior wisdom, so probably the artist is trying to tell us that we should not forget our origins and where we come from, but should all learn how to leave all hooked up together.

 I also liked very much the totem for happiness – I think it would do in my flat. It would remind me every morning that life is full of joy and color. But it is also very fragile as much as ceramic that the totem is made from and needs to be taken care of.

On the final photo below I just noticed very Easter story – perfect for today. On the top there is an Angel or maybe Jesus going up to the sky. On the bottom – there are praying hands creating an ascending movement. And on both sides – Angel wings and maybe God’s hands! Probably, this is only my imagination, but in any case Happy Easter to all!

 Carolina Ponte Mdm gallery Carolina Ponte Mdm gallery


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