Women Power in Art

Women leaders in Art Market

You better be lucky than smart, but you rather be both – this is one of the advices that I heart during the talk panel which was organized by Sotheby’s Institute of Arts “Women Leaders in Art Market” with participation of Amy Cappellazzo, Marianne Boesky, Elizabeth Dee, Touria El Glaoui and Christine Kuan as animator. They represented Women Power in Art that September evening.

These women are terrific, they spoke for about an hour in front of almost 100 people and it felt really like if you were an insider. Even though they did not really admit it and say that they are never satisfied, I think that it could totally be assumed that these women got the power in art. Amy Cappellazzo is the charwomen of Sotheby’s, Marianne Boesky and Elizabeth Dee are well known and established and expanding galleristes, finally Touria El Glaoui is the organizer of the African Art Fair 1:54.

Other advices they gave to younger generations is to be surrounded with right and committed people, to be able to zoom-out when needed, not to be a doer, but someone with strategic and creative approach. It felt that for them the money is not the goal, they do it for the sake of love and passion for art. Money is just an accidental benefit. Even though clearly, they admitted they did not get there just like that, these women worked hard despite the gender factor, the competitive market and sometimes monotonous logistic tasks which do not bring always pleasure and do not always relate to art.

What was inspiring also, is that they shared they willingness to open to the coming generation and create kind of a sisterhood (most of the people in the room of course were aspiring women). Another interesting point they all agreed on is that the art market, which is in a blue mood now days, will bring necessary corrections, shake-out prices for lower quality works, and appreciate more the masterpieces.

It was extremely well spent 1 hour, and I could have listened for them for the full evening and learn and get inspiration from these super Women power in Art. Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New-York is doing a good job organizing such events this year.

I would like to share some art works in this post. The week before I went Marianne Boesky gallery in Chelsea,  who has just expanded her space and to Elizabeth Dee gallery who has just open her gallery in Harlem. I hear a lot that Harlem is going to be the next Brooklyn, it was my first time there, and the minute I got out of the taxi I heart: You are so hot, baby. This was my first experience in Harlem: art and drag.

I show you two images from both galleries that I liked the most. The fist is from Boesky gallery, by Donald Moffett, which represent beautiful nature with flowers, but also with holes in the nature. oles Hare also beautiful and in a way harmonious and human made. It reminds us of the fragility of the mother nature. The second image is from Dee gallery by Lisa Beck, presenting the flame. The art work is very interesting because of it’s shapes, colors and textures, it bring the attention to it and captures the eye, just like the real flame.

Donald Moffett Marianne Boesky         Lisa Beck Elizabeth Dee


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