Toiletpaper at Galerie Lafayette

Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette    Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette

Finally, the summer and the sun are back in Paris, just after the opening of Toiletpaper at la Galerie des Galeries, exhibition space at Galerie Lafayette. So if you happen to be shopping in this famous department store, which is known to be almost the symbol of Paris, do not forget to look at vitrines outside and also check-out the 1st floor dedicated space.

Toiletpaper magazine was launched couple a years ago by 2 Italians guys: artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. Each issue contains only fabricated images, inspired by our dear society, advertising, consumption, shopping, eating, pleasures, desires and, I guess, of what we found sexy or successful. But without taking it seriously, otherwise we could just shoot ourselves. There is always a hint of humor, kitsch, absurdity and deviation from reality.

So to boost the summer mode, Toiletpaper imagined an exhibition TP-Rama, decorated vitrines and suspended a giant inflatable Eiffel Tower with a good company of 2 golden eggs.

At the vitrine do not miss burlesque video clip, where ladies get energized by putting fingers into toaster, gentleman make a proposal to marry with a piece of meat from supermarket or where Eiffel tower is no longer in Paris, but by a seaside on a thin sand beach.

To enter the exhibition, on the first floor like I said and do not hesitate to ask for direction to any hostess you might cross, you need to go through a kind of black hall, like almost a rabbit hole, and you will find yourself in Toiletpaper land. It is organized as a house with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and so on.  Each space is a quite dose of vitamins in terms of colors, fantasy, perversion and creativity.

Here you go some of the images, but the best if you can see it yourself. Wall paper with tomato sauce spaghetti on it, snakes image on the dining table (delicious), grave stone with “The end” on it just next to the bed, pillow with teeth and shit written on them, numerous lipsticks and so on…

Is Toiletpaper art and why? I say YES. Because the artist is supposed from some point of view see our society the way it is before everybody does and represent it in sometimes coded way. Subliminal message of this exhibition is a jest of consumption world we live in today.  If I could compare this exhibition to a book – that would be 99 francs by Frederic Beigbeder, hopefully he will drop by and enjoy it. And if you read me, Frederic, leave me a comment hereafter…


at Galerie des galeries: until September 10th 2016

Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette

Toiletpaper Galerie Lafayette

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