Biennale Venezia 2015 – Part Two

John Akomfrah 1       John Akomfrah 3
It may appear strange enough to show a picture of a video, but really every frame of this 3 screens video called Vertigo Sea by John Akomfrah is a standalone image. I was captured by a high tide of sea samples. Some of them are beautiful especially those showing underwater life from BBC documentaries. Others – are less glamourous, visioning fish poachers doing terrible things they do. And part of the film is fictional telling stories about the people’s desire to risk their life and cross the ocean to search for better life (very actual for year 2015 with massive migration from Middle East and Africa). So basically, my feeling was when I went out of the dark room after exactly 48 minutes and 30 seconds … The Sea is the magnificent source of life and hope, so we need to take of it and preserve it for us and for future generations.

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Biennale Venezia 2015 – Part One

Wangechi Mutu

Viva Africa!    Viva Wangechi Mutu from Kenya! Wangechi Mutu 2In this pavilion I perceived 3 women by 3 different medium. The first is a video triptych visioning a walking woman at the day break caring something, which strongly appears to be out little planet Earth. The second is another woman lying and looking at the globe.  I find here a reference to a woman who carry the world on her head and at the same time has power to look at it from some distance.  Finally the third women is a kind of a collage made from zebra skin, metallic shoulders and snake hair, a jumble of animals and machines. (I saw a similar painting at Picassomania show in Paris this year, do you see a parallel?). So my conclusion is Women could be everything! Women is the future?

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Biennale Venezia 2015 – All the World’s Futures

VeneziaBiennale of Venezia takes every other year in the town of Venezia, Italy. It has an ultimate goal to represent to the public the most significant art created since 2 years in the world and it does not have any commercial intent.

89 countries participated to Biennale in 2015 presenting their own selected artiste or artistes in either their historical pavilions or dedicated spaces. Mainly Biennale takes place areas such as in Giardini and Arsenale, which are part of Venezia and are accessible by foot or boat (so called vaporetto). Also some dedicated spaces are situated all over Venice. And of course many collateral events take place during Biennale. It lasts about 7 months, from May until November in 2015.

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