Ceramix in Maison Rouge foundation in Paris

Orozco Ceramix Ceramix Jessica Harrison

When I said that I was going to Maison Rouge foundation to see the exhibition Ceramix about ceramics several of my friends were skeptical stating they were not really into this material. However, I found out when visiting that it really has its place in contemporary arts and you could make fun and palpable objects.

I think that ceramics might be back in style. For a proof, when visiting I met a gallerist who told me she is about to make an exhibition with an artist working with ceramics. And it is true that thanks to this fragile and though noble material, we could learn things about ancient cultures and civilization, from archeological findings. One day who knows these objects from the show could talk on behalf of our time and culture.

Gorgeous statuette: well-dressed girl from 19th century with Jesus tattoos instead of laces (by Jessica Harrison).

Memento mori!!! Crowned skeleton in baroque environment enjoying a company of a bird (by Carolein Smit).

Beautifully executed scalp (by Katsuyo Aoki), scary yet marvelous like a state of art, a masterpiece called Predictive Dream XLIII.

Carolein Smit Ceramix Katsuyo Aoki Ceramix

Ceramic couple – Georges and Lisa aka Georges Washington and Mona Lisa. They are represented as being in the same bath. My translation: Georges, representing America, green like dollar looking with an ambiguous smile at Mona, Europe, also smiling and having a green color reflecting in her eyes. Bath here might be the ocean, so they are in the same bath, the same planet. The ocean being as small as bath in this allegory. Money against history and culture.

Robert Arneson Ceramix

I definitely say Ceramix is making a comeback thanks to Maison Reouge and I look forward to found new art works in galleries. Antoine Tarot will have a show in Progress gallery end of May if you are interested.


La Maison Rouge

10 boulevard de la bastille
75012 paris

Until June 5th 2016

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