Fairy Tale Fashion

Fairy Tale Fashion, Comme des garçon, Rei Kawakubo  Fairy Tale Fashion, Christian Laboutin  Fairy Tale Fashion, Kirsty Mitchel, The storyteller

This fascinating exhibition Fairy Tale Fashion could be seen at Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City. This place is not on usual touristic tracks. Moreover the entrance is free of charge. Finally it is not pure art, but art that you can actually wear. I do believe that haute-couture is art assimilated. So if you are looking for an exhibition out of the box in NYC – this is the perfect place to go.

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Xavier Veilhan VENT MODERNE [Modern Wind] Film

Vent Moderne Vent Moderne Vent Moderne

Xavier Veilhan, one of the leading French artists, made a brilliant film Vent Moderne [Modern Wind], glorifying architecture, geometry, man and nature.

What I like about video and art films – is that they give you a large field to train your imagination and your ability to interpret chains of images. This is what you could fully expect from VENT MODERNE. Villa Noailles situated in the South of France is a perfect decoration for the film. This villa was built almost 100 years ago and from my perspective is still more modern than even. Villa was hosting many avant-garde artists in the first half of 20th century and it still keeps their spirits and inspires artists. Many Ray had realized a surrealistic film taking place in Villa Noailles and funny enough Xavier Veilan dialogues with Man Ray through VENT MODERNE by using same shapes (cars, black spheres, men and women doing their exercising).

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Anselm Kiefer regeneration

  Anselme Kiefer      Anselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Bôse Blumen      Anselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Pour Paul Celan: Epis de la nuitAnselme Kiefer exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Pour Paul Celan: Epis de la nuit

Centre Pompidou presents the best winter 2016 exhibition to see in Paris: retrospective of German artist Anselm Kiefer.

I believe the exhibition is the best for 2 reasons. One is that because Anselm Kiefer really makes you think and revaluate on a deep unconscious level the role of collective and personal memory on our life. The second is that throughout his works over the period from 1969 until 2015 slips a bunch of secrets, mysteries and symbols.

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