Marais galleries in February 2016

 Alexandre Brandao Gideon Rubin Eva Barto

If you are looking for a nice Saturday afternoon walking tour, why not going to Marais, Paris and visit contemporary art galleries. Here is my suggestion: Marais galleries in February 2016 that I personally visited and believe you can have fun to go check it out.

I will start with MDM Gallery, which represents Brazilian art. There is currently an exhibition of Alexandre Brandão. The artist is experimenting around poetry and very common day-to-day life. On the photo, you can see a wall which is full of papers, I think this is the major piece of the show. Alexandre plays with invisible ink with lemon juice. I believe that the artist wanted to show that everybody could make such a drawing and come up with a magic chemistry and obtain … a lunar calendar.

The next destination Karsten Greve gallery which benefits from a great exhibition space rue Debelleyme. It is great because besides main space, there are small rooms and you can navigate and discover different formats of art works. The artist comes from Israel, his name is Gideon Rubin. And you can see portraits on walls of people, but you will never see their faces. They are anonymous, erased, hidden and neglected. It gives the perspective of the artist to the world, where various people become one persona.

The next door rue Debelleyme at Thaddeus Ropac gallery, there is a very particular Robert Mapplethorpe show. Do not bring your kids to see the show, since it has homoerotic and sadomasochistic character. But from my point of view, the photos celebrate fully something very intimate. They also are quite powerful because it is an art to represent the prohibited images in a purely esthetic way.

To finish with something completely different, I suggest you visit GB Agency where young artist Eva Barto represents very conceptual art. The show is called The Infinite Debt – pretty actual now days – there is another crisis in town, CAC 40 Under 3900 today. “What you got here, won’t get you there” is a title of a book of how to get very successful. So how on earth a dedication on the first page of such book found on the street be a conceptual art work? It is a question of losing and winning back, constant recycling. Something which was lost or just abandoned gets a second life on the wall of a gallery.

Enjoy Marais galleries in February 2016 in Paris.

 Robert Mapplethorpe


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