Frank Stella @ Whitney museum NYC

Frank Stella at Whitney Frank Stella at Whitney Frank Stella at Whitney

Going to Whitney museum and seeing Frank Stella’s 100 art works on my first day in New York City was a real slap! I have known mainly his graphic work, but he is much more 3D than I thought. This is what impressed me the most.

Of course, beautiful lines, rectangles, half-circles in perfectly matching colors are extremely gorgeous. They are all lined-up, they converse with each other, flow, reflect and attract.

Nevertheless those which were really breathtaking are sculptures. First of all installations are enormous which makes you feel small compared to them. The metallic ones are like living monsters which are ready to jump and devorer you. Especially those exposed in front of Hudson River, and when it snows outside (after all – it is winter time).

Also there are colorful 3D. These are living painting full of joy and intensity. It makes me think of Yayoi Kusama to a much lesser extent. Frank Stella is making painting alive. The pigments are coming out of the wall, they try to escape and to show-up in front of spectators.

Voilà, 3 different samples of the exhibition. Frank was born in 1936, so he will turn 70 years old this year. The energy from paintings and sculptures in Whitney captures you and leaves you with good vibes for your stay in the city, especially by snowy winter time.


Frank Stella at Whitney museum of American art

From October 30th 2015 until February 7th 2016

99 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014

PS. TIP – If there are mamy people in line – you can enter by cafeteria.

PSS. There is also an exhibition to see on the 6th floor of Whitney: private collection of Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner. There are many surprises, including works of Young artists such as Antoine Catala, Ricci Albenda and Pablo Bronstein etc.

Article about another retrospective, but in Paris


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