Jeune Creation [Young Creation] 2016 edition

Jeune creation  Elise Vandewalle

If you are in Paris this week and you are looking to discover a New Generation of emerging artistes, I strongly advice to go to see Jeune Creation [Young Creation] exhibition.

The exhibition is free of commercial intent, even though hosted by a blue chip Gallery Thaddeus Ropac. Jeune Creation is quite a mature event organized for the 66th time. You can enjoy 60 art works of 68 emerging artistes (out of 2000 applicants!!!). Many known artistes were part of it in the past, such as Daniel Buren for example.  The principle of the selection is genius – the committee is composed of participants from previous years, assuring legacy of the event. I can guarantee you will see these artistes in the next years in Parisian galleries. As always, I propose here my selection.

The first image is from Laurent Da sylva, a chair with a block of a concrete on it. It looks heavy, massive and very serious. Also it reminds me some hours spent in the office and feeling binded to my chair.

The second is a fragment of installation by Elise Vandewalle. I specifically paid attention to one detail: wondering hand, rolled up with ropes, lying on a mirror, reflecting the transparent ceiling and incidentally the sky. I’m very sensitive to this poetry. The full installation in itself is a multisensitive mixture of other mediums (objects, sculptures, video and voices).

The following 2 artistes in the post are Capucine Vandebrouk and Fleuryfontaine.

              Jeune creation  Jeune creation

Capucine presents a beautiful installation of 4 wooden pillars with mineral apparent materials. These living tissues try to escape from containers and meet with delighted spectators.

Fleuryfontaine, seen in Salon de Montrouge in May 2015, is basically a dynamic duet of 2 artistes. They use wooden structure as a support, but in a slightly different manner. It welcomes a high tech ghost installation: keyboard melting into the table, screen which shows 2-3 enormous pixels, fading away photo, plants growing from the shelves … All in all, Fleuryfontaine manages to unite Mystery and Information Technology – not the most common combination.

The final image relates to 3 installations of Quentin Euverte. They involve fur coats receiving smoke from low tech machines. If you get close to them, you can perceive an animal smell, which is supposed to remind to us our primary instincts. Furs are either visible through a window shop, or hidden and receives a UV bath. The whole looks like a living monster, emitting lights, making noises and producing smells.

Jeune creation

It takes a little effort to go to Pantin from Paris, nevertheless I really advice you to do so. You can discover a great place, which is Thaddeus Ropac Gallery. Also, who knows, stars of tomorrow’s art market.


Jeune Creation [Young Creation]

Galerie Thaddeus Ropac Pantin (near Paris)

from January 17th until January 24th 2016


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