About me

I  was born in Moscow in the mid-seventies. As a child, I lived in Ethiopia and Egypt, as my father worked for Sovexportfilm, an organization promoting soviet cinema. Exposure to multicultural and intellectual environments at a young age formed my unordinary and critical take on life, as well as my taste for unconventional beauty.

After moving back to Moscow for several years, I continued my life journey in Paris, the cradle of modern art. I did not go directly into an art-articulated career, however. I first completed a technical degree and then later a management degree. For the next decade, I worked in financial services, but never lost sight of my desire to enter the art world more fully.

As a strong believer that art can impact the way we live and think and that artists are contemporary philosophers and healers of society, I travelled across art fairs, biennales and gallery shows in myriad cities, including Paris, London, Torino, Venice, Moscow, Basel, Miami and New-York—all while writing my blog about my take on contemporary art.

Recently, I moved further west to New York City and began working at a privately held fintech group. Living in the epicenter of contemporary art, my dream is to discover a solid link of how art and the corporate ecosphere could cross-converse. I now connect the dots between art and business crossways in Europe and the Americas. I start 2018 by opening a boutique exhibition space in my own home, inviting artists to experiment with forms and narratives.